Welcome to True North! 

True North is a ministry for college students who desire to explore their faith and be part of a Christian community at their stage of life. Finding your way during the college years can be both exciting and overwhelming.  We hope to be a place where college students can share each other’s joys and struggles, build meaningful relationships within the church, and ultimately grow in Christ’s image together.  If you are looking for a place to connect and navigate college-life together, it’s here! 


To become connected with other young adults in our community, check out our 20thirty ministry!

Below are some ways we encourage individuals to connect. If you are interested in being connected to one of our groups, please contact the church office and we can connect you!


Small Groups  

We invite you to join a small group for weekly bible study, fellowship, and an opportunity to pray for others and be prayed for on a consistent basis. 


Prayer Groups

If you already belong to a small group or discipleship group on campus, we invite you to join a monthly prayer group. This is a great way to stay connected to our church family and do life together. We meet monthly for lunch and prayer and keep each other updated with prayer requests on a weekly basis. 



College Student Lunch 9/25/22





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