What is a Care Team?

Care teams assist the elders of a particular parish who are accountable to the Chief Shepherd Jesus to shepherd their flock and assist the deacons who are accountable to Jesus to serve the physical and material needs of their flock. The primary means of providing assistance is to keep in contact with every church member on a regular basis. Thus, the responsibility of the care team is to:


1) make contact with every member of the parish at least once every two months, and

2) meet together as a team at least once every two months to discuss the needs of all members.


By keeping in regular contact and discussing the results of those calls, the care team enables the elders and deacons to be informed and then shepherd/serve their people.


The Care Teams of FPC Northshore:

Central Parish Care Team

Organizer: Rob Joss

Data Master: Russ Queen

Elders: Jon Evans, Rob Joss, Russ Queen

Deacons: Kate McMillan, Alycia Thornton, Pam Whitmore

Others: Elvira Borsari, Susan Devost, Meredith Joss

Parish Towns: Most of Ipswich east of Route 1



East Parish Care Team

Organizer: Randy Rydbeck

Data Master: Kendra Burke

Elders: Jeff Azadian, Russ Camp, Meirwyn Walters

Deacons: Kendra Burke, Dan Janssen, Ed Porter, Randy Rydbeck

Others: Kathy Azadian, Marti Rydbeck, Nina Walters

Parish Towns: Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, S. Hamilton, Magnolia, Manchester, Rockport, Wenham



North Parish Care Team


Organizer: Dan O’Connell

Data Master: Dan O’Connell

Elders: Scott Fitzgerald, George Papanicolaou

Deacons: Ken Harding, Scot Knowles

Others: Tim Connell, Dan O’Connell, Colleen Ostrowski, Michelle Papanicolaou, Jeff Stevenson, Pam Stevenson, Deb Walker, Lois Wilbraham

Parish Towns: Amesbury, Boxford, Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, (West) Ipswich, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, N. Andover, Rowley, Salisbury, Topsfield, W. Newbury



South Parish Care Team

Organizer: Greg Smith

Data Master: Greg Smith

Elders: Dan Oh, Greg Smith

Deacons: Mark Panjwani

Others: Jerome Humdy, Shereen Humdy, Maureen Oh, Becs Panjwani, Judi Sabella, Nancy Smith, Cindy Williams

Parish Towns: Beverly, Danvers, Lynnfield, Peabody, Salem

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