The focus of Local Missions is:

  1. To find ways to connect with and give back to the town of Ipswich.
  2. To support the efforts of ministries located on the North Shore where we as a church and/or members of our church are involved.
  3. Educate and remind the congregation about the importance of representing Christ no matter where He has placed us.

Often we organize opportunities for our members to get involved in the community and/or local ministries.
Please watch this website and/or the weekly announcements for any volunteer opportunities we are involved in.


Partner Organizations

Local organizations that are supported financially and with resources by the church are: 

Providing transitional housing and case management for homeless families on the North Shore.  
Focused on serving the needs of minors who are imprisoned or recently released from prison.  FPC teams conduct Bible Studies and discussion groups at facilities in Middleton.

Provides support and advocacy for the refugee and immigrant families who come to our North Shore area. 

Providing services and hope to survivors of sexual exploitation. 
Serving the needs of college students at Salem State University, Endicott College, and Montserrat College of Art. 


 FPC Foster Care Ministry

FPC Foster Care Ministry

Provides support for the growing culture of action around foster care and adoption in our church and the surrounding Christian community.




If you are interested in learning more or volunteering with any of these ministries, please email the church office or Greg Smith and we can connect you.


If you are already connected with us, here are the FPC members that coordinate with our partner organizations:

  • Amirah – Greg Smith 
  • Straight Ahead Ministries – Maureen Oh
  • Family Promise – Cindy Fitzgerald
  • Intervarsity – Nancy Smith or Nina Walters
  • Ipswich Refugee Committee – Meredith Joss or Nancy Smith
  • FPC Foster Care Ministry – Hilary Connell
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