At FPC, we use Committees to lead and organize our various ministries. Committees are comprised of pastors, elders and lay members who prayerfully work together to manage a specific area of responsibility within the church. Our committees help keep our church ministries running efficiently, they allow members a focused way to use their gifts and expertise, they give congregants the opportunity to mature in ministry and leadership, and overall help us to stay focused on our vision of seeing “More people, more like Christ.”


Below is a list of our committees. After reading through this list, you may have questions about how you can be more involved in a particular area. Feel free to contact any Committee Lead with questions you may have.




Adult Christian Education Committee

In order to become more like our Lord Jesus Christ, we must exchange the mindset of the world and replace it with a Christian world-view in areas such as marriage, workplace, finances, friendships, and the environment. This committee helps facilitate Biblical training in these areas through focused Sunday School classes, special speakers, conferences, and other events. Committee Lead: John Truschel



Budget & Personnel Committee

The Budget and Personnel Committee helps organize the financial and personnel operations of the church. Throughout the year, this committee works closely with the many ministry functions of the church to support the financial needs of the various church ministry programs.  The committee works closely with the church Treasurer to create monthly and annual financial reports.  The committee is actively engaged in the annual budget process and audit.  Committee Lead: Jeff Azadian



Children’s Ministries Committee

The Children’s Ministries Committee seeks to partner with parents to train children to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever! It is our desire to see all children have the opportunity to know God and hear the gospel!   Committee Lead: Heather Hills



Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee works behind the scenes, creating an atmosphere of hospitality with food and drinks for many of our events, but especially for Sunday mornings. Committee Lead: Karin Pesce



Greeters / Ushers / Newcomers Committee

This committee seeks to present a friendly and welcoming face to everyone who comes to worship at FPC on Sunday mornings. We hope to be able to provide information to visitors and to help newcomers get integrated into our church community. Committee Lead: Jon Evans



Local Missions Committee

The Local Mission Team encourages and facilitates FPC attendees to participate in local outreach and service opportunities in Ipswich and throughout the North Shore.   Committee Lead: Greg Smith



Men’s Ministries Committee

“Acts of Brothers” strives to establish and build friendships between men to help us all grow in our faith in Christ.  Our vision is to see FPC become a place where men can truly be “brothers” in Christ, and no man feels left behind. Committee Lead: Dave Burbridge



Global Missions Team

The Global Missions Team seeks to extend the Gospel beyond our local area and create missions awareness in the church. Committee Lead: Pam Jaeger



Nursery Ministry Committee

The Nursery Ministry provides children from birth to age 4 with a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment while their parents participate in worship and other ministries of the church.   Committee Lead: Jon Evans



Small Group Ministry Committee

Small groups at FPC aim to give members a place to connect more intimately with others in the community, to care for one another as we share our lives and stories, to develop and change through accountability, and to work together with purpose to serve each other and our community. Committee Lead: Paul and Laurie Craney



Trustee Committee

The Trustees oversee all areas relating to the care and upkeep of our church property, as well as long term capital building plans.   Committee Lead: Steve Chamberlin and Devin Whetsel



Women’s Ministries Committee

Women’s ministries at FPC seeks to point women to the true satisfaction that comes from living lives secure in God’s promise of true hope and peace that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. This committee oversees Women’s Bible Studies, speciality groups like “Mom to Mom”, and Women to Women, which offers a wide variety of social events and opportunities throughout the year. Committee Lead: Esther Baird



Worship Team Committee

The worship team works to promote Christ-honoring worship in all areas of church life, especially in weekly Sunday services.   Committee Lead: Jon Evans



Youth Ministries Committee

The Youth Ministries Committees’ purpose is to create opportunities where the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to young people (Middle and High school aged students) and to walk along side them as they grow in their knowledge of Biblical truth and mature in their faith.   Committee Lead: Jon Evans and Anna Hadorn




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