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An update from the Facilities Expansion Team


The Facilities Expansion Team (Jon Evans, Greg Hills, John Truschel and Meirwyn Walters) has been meeting for close to four years.  Our goal is to enhance our property, improve our program spaces for children, youth and adults, and provide a place where people can come, fellowship and connect with each other. We desire to provide an atmosphere that people will be comfortable in, so that they are able to grow in Christ. All of this is so that we can continue to fulfill our mission statement of, “More people, more like Christ.”


These images and video represent many many meetings with a wide variety of people and show “Design Intent.” This is the direction that by God’s grace we are headed. Details will change, but these images capture the basic intent and concepts for the proposed building.


The current time line is for the architects to complete “Construction Drawings” by around December 1. These drawings are what is necessary for builders to accurately bid on the project. We hope to receive those bides by early January, and then to vote at our Annual Meeting on the project and the amount of debt that will be required to complete it. Assuming a favorable vote, construction could begin in early March, 2019 with it completed by Christmas of 2019.


We continue to ask for your prayers and financial support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the members of the Building Committee.


To view the Top View of “The Glue”, click here!






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