This page provides information and updates from the search committee and about the process of looking for a new Senior/Lead Pastor. Please pray that the Lord would guide us all through this time.


Contact the committee: 

Here’s our committee email address for questions, suggestions, or to recommend a candidate:


Or use this easy form to provide input to or ask questions of the Search Committee:


Church Profile/Job Description

With the tremendous work of Rob Joss and finishing touches from Derk Smid, our committee has produced a church profile that includes the job description we send to potential candidates. Take a look! We think this gives interested folks a good idea of our community and region and of who we are as a church.



Les Baird gave an update this Sunday, 1/30/2022. You can view his video here. Les gives an update on questions we receive and anticipate regarding timing and where we are in the process. Please continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord’s direction. We welcome any questions or suggestions you’ve had at the links to our email or communications forms (above on this page).


Sunday, 10/17/2021: We heard a brief update from Nina Walters this morning and a little more about what to expect in the prayer meeting scheduled for tonight. Thanks to all who came out to pray together on that Sunday evening. We ask you all to continue to pray for the search and for our church, and please take a bookmark with prayer requests (available after each service). And also thank you to those who shared their thoughts on October 17th and 24th in our “office hours” during the Sunday school hour. We plan to do this again in the coming months, and we look forward to hearing from more of you!


Sunday, 9/12/2021: This morning Dave Burbridge gave us a great update on the process, specifically pointing to the Job Description for Lead Pastor as he listed what attributes we’re looking for in the candidates and what kind of candidates are applying. Here’s the PowerPoint. We’re also asking you to join us by praying for us as we meet weekly on Wednesday evenings. 


Tim Moniz updated us on Sunday, 8/15/2021, with some more information about some of the specific roles within our committee, the stages we are currently in and anticipate as next steps, and the current numbers for applicants in those various steps. You can check out his PowerPoint here


Church Profile/Job Description

With the tremendous work of Rob Joss and finishing touches from Derk Smid, our committee has produced a church profile that includes the job description we send to potential candidates. Take a look! We think this gives interested folks a good idea of our community and region and of who we are as a church.


Sarah Jones gave an update for Sunday, 7/11/2021. You can view her short video here. We’re excited that we’re starting to get referrals and candidates. Please pray for us, and let us know any questions or suggestions you’ve had.


Les Baird presented our first committee update on Sunday, 6/13/2021. Here’s his PowerPoint to tell you what we’ve done so far and what you can expect to see from us in the next few months.





As Session provides monthly updates to the church, the videos will be listed here:

View the update from Elder Greg Smith

View the update from Elder Rob Joss

View the update from Elder Russ Queen

View the update from Elder Rob Joss on April 11


Below is a list of common questions and answers regarding the transition and pastoral search process. We hope these can provide some guidance and helpful insights. 


FPC Lead Pastor Job Description

The Session has completed the job description for the Lead Pastor position. View the job description for the Lead Pastor Position


Pastoral Search Committee

The Pastoral Search Committee has been selected and approved as of Sunday, May 23, 2021. If you would like more information about the Search Committee, please contact the Church Office or your shepherding elder. 


What is the process for selecting a new pastor?

There is an orderly process for selecting a pastor in the Book of Church Order (please see Chapter 20-2), and we are required to follow this process. In addition to the formal process, our denomination offers a great deal of assistance in trying to match churches with prospective pastors. We are currently in the process of finalizing a profile of FPC which includes our storied history as well as where we feel God is leading His church right now. This profile will be a wonderful tool for us as we seek a new Lead Pastor. The Book of Church Order requires that we select a search committee. We expect that the search committee will seek applicants, review their credentials, listen to/watch their preaching, and interview candidates that they think will fit our profile. The process, we expect, will result in a recommendation to the congregation of a suitable candidate. It is then the responsibility of the congregation to vote on whether we should issue a call to that candidate. Once we have issued a call, the Presbytery will determine whether the call shall be issued to the candidate. The Presbytery has important input about our next pastor. Once these steps are completed, we will be able to welcome our next pastor.


How long will the search and selection process take?

We have no specific timeline for this process, but we will proceed in an orderly fashion, finishing each step before we begin the next. We do hope to have a good idea on the best candidate by the holidays, or January 2022.


What were the qualifications to serve on the Pastoral Search Committee?

The Pastoral Search Committee is made up of 9 members. Those serving possess the following qualifications: 

  1. A member at FPC in good standing.
  2. A mature, Bible believing follower of Christ.
  3. A follower of Christ who understands that we stand within the Reformed tradition and who appreciates that we operate within the confessional standards of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).
  4. A follower of Christ that demonstrates a strong ability to analyze sermons and displays discernment of the Word of God and its application to everyday life.
  5. Has a diverse background regarding life experience and ministry/serving experience.


What is the SWOT Analysis?

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis allows us to evaluate the church’s strengths and weaknesses, the environment, the community, the opportunities and maybe even the threats to our local church. What and where should we focus as a church? What are the needs of the congregation and our community that perhaps we are neglecting? How can we fully utilize the strengths of our church? Once we are done with the analysis, we hope to come up with a ministry plan to guide us for the next few years. It could be very similar to what we have today; we don’t think it will be radically different, but it could have some changes or a different focus as we believe God is leading.


Why are we continuing the SWOT analysis during this time?

We started this process in the Fall of 2020, with Pastor Greg Hills, and got through about half of the process before Pastor Hills made the announcement that he would be taking another position. Once we are done, we hope to come up with a ministry plan to guide us for the next few years. This is different than a change in our Mission and Vision, as the next Lead Pastor will have some thoughts and ideas on those, and we want to leave room for those suggestions. Once we come up with this plan, we will better understand what the pastoral staff of the church will look like, we can develop a job description for the Lead Pastor position, and we can move towards selecting a replacement.


How long will the SWOT analysis take?

You should know the Session has met every Thursday night since the beginning of January 2021, and we hope to finish this analysis in the next couple of months. We ask for your patience and prayers during this time as we do want to get through this process first before we begin selecting a new Lead Pastor.


How have staff responsibilities been divided since Pastor Hill's departure?

Pastor Hill’s day to day duties have been assigned to various staff and session members. Pastor Jonathan Conant will be preaching more, 2-3 times a month. There will also be some guest preachers and members of the Session preaching. Anything you may have historically gone to Pastor Hills for, we would encourage you to reach out to either your shepherding elder or the appropriate staff member to assist you.


How often will the church receive updates on these processes and the progress on the pastoral search?

The Search Committee plans to continue the schedule previously followed by the Session to give an update on the second Sunday of the month. We do want to keep you apprised of our progress as we move forward; we are committed to frequent and transparent updates.


Who can I go to if I have questions, concerns, or need assistance during this time?

We would encourage you to use your shepherding elder during this time and share with them any questions, concerns, thoughts, feedback, or anything you feel the leadership of the church needs to know. If you are unsure who your shepherding elder is or feel you need additional assistance, please feel free to email the church office anytime with your questions or concerns. The office manager can then direct your request.


How can I pray for the church during this time?

We would encourage each of you to pray that the Lord will guide the selection of our next pastor. Pray for the session and Pastor Conant as they lead in the interim, pray for the search committee, and for the man who will be our next pastor. Pray that together we will impact the local community, the Northshore, and the world beyond under the leadership of our next pastor as we seek more people, more like Christ.


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