This page provides information and updates from the search committee and about the process of looking for a new Senior/Lead Pastor. Please pray that the Lord would guide us all through this time. Ephesians 3:14-21


Contact the committee: 

Here’s our committee email address for questions, suggestions, or to recommend a candidate:


Or use this easy form to provide input to or ask questions of the Search Committee:


Church Profile/Job Description

With the tremendous work of Rob Joss and finishing touches from Derk Smid, our committee has produced a church profile that includes the job description we send to potential candidates. Take a look! We think this gives interested folks a good idea of our community and region and of who we are as a church.


Recent Updates: 

Greetings, friends. The summer is winding to a close and we are all ramping up in our fall activities. We give thanks for the heartbeat of our church family, for the consistent preaching of the Word that we are receiving in this interim time, and for the blessing of our fellowship and worship together. Our August “office hours” are scheduled for this Sunday, August 27, during the fellowship hour after the service. Come see us in one of the offices in the front building. We’re glad to hear from you, to encourage and be encouraged by praying with you, and to receive your thoughts and ideas. 


Greetings, friends. Our July “office hours” occurred on Sunday, July 16, during the fellowship hour after the service. We were glad to hear from you, to encourage and be encouraged by praying with you, and to receive your thoughts and ideas. Some of you are very creative! Thank you, especially for your suggestions and referrals. 


Spring is here and with it comes our May update. On Sunday, May 21, during the Sunday school hour, we again held office hours. We also held a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Wednesday, May 24. We know you’ve been praying with us. In praying through the Psalms recently, we were reminded that our first priority is to seek for, even thirst for, God Himself. We are created for communion with God; the practice of fasting reminds us of this. As Dallas Willard says, “Fasting confirms our utter dependence upon God by finding in Him a source of sustenance beyond food.” For more information on the Day of Prayer and Fasting please see the May update letter/email.


Our April update was emailed on April 21, 2023. We will be having office hours on Sunday, April 30, 2023, during the Sunday school hour. Come see us in the office building; we’d love to talk with you. Or, perhaps, we can pray through a Scripture passage together. We have found praying with you in these segments has been mutually encouraging.


The March update was sent out on March 17, 2023. We’d love to hear from you, pray with you, and answer your questions. As you consider contacting us, perhaps you can respond to the questions, “What do you think makes FPC distinct? How do you see our church body reflect our values and priorities?” to help us as we meet with candidates.


Our February update was sent out on February 17. Please contact us with any questions or thoughts you have.


Happy New Year! Here’s a link to our January update, which was sent out on Friday, January 13, 2023. Search Committee office hours were held in the office building on Sunday, January 22, during the Sunday school hour. If you have thoughts or questions, we’d love to hear from you!



We sent a Thanksgiving letter on Friday, November 18, as our regular monthly update. We also announced the dates for office hours on Sundays November 27 and December 4. If you have questions or thoughts for our committee, or would just like an opportunity to chat with a couple of us, please sign up or come by. (The link is also provided in the letter attached above and in the current FPC News emails). 


Our October letter was emailed last Friday. If you didn’t receive the email and would like to, please contact the church office and they can add you to the distribution list. We also make a few paper copies if you’d prefer to pick one up at church.  We are looking forward to Reformation Day and to the Praise and Prayer (and Pomodori) time that Sunday night – come sing and pray and eat with us!


We gave an update in mid-September that you can read here. Please email us with any questions or referrals at . We included some details about our current process, some thoughts and observations from the summer, and most of all, we stressed the need for prayer, and prayer, and more prayer. 


If you would like access to archived updates, please email the committee at




Below is a list of common questions and answers regarding the transition and pastoral search process. We hope these can provide some guidance and helpful insights. 


FPC Lead Pastor Job Description

The Session has completed the job description for the Lead Pastor position. View the job description for the Lead Pastor Position


Pastoral Search Committee

The Pastoral Search Committee has been selected and approved as of Sunday, May 23, 2021. If you would like more information about the Search Committee, please contact the Church Office or your shepherding elder. 


What is the process for selecting a new pastor?

There is an orderly process for selecting a pastor in the Book of Church Order (please see Chapter 20-2), and we are required to follow this process. In addition to the formal process, our denomination offers a great deal of assistance in trying to match churches with prospective pastors. We are currently in the process of finalizing a profile of FPC which includes our storied history as well as where we feel God is leading His church right now. This profile will be a wonderful tool for us as we seek a new Lead Pastor. The Book of Church Order requires that we select a search committee. We expect that the search committee will seek applicants, review their credentials, listen to/watch their preaching, and interview candidates that they think will fit our profile. The process, we expect, will result in a recommendation to the congregation of a suitable candidate. It is then the responsibility of the congregation to vote on whether we should issue a call to that candidate. Once we have issued a call, the Presbytery will determine whether the call shall be issued to the candidate. The Presbytery has important input about our next pastor. Once these steps are completed, we will be able to welcome our next pastor.


How long will the search and selection process take?

We have no specific timeline for this process, but we will proceed in an orderly fashion, being thoughtful with each step of the process and with our candidates. We are as eager as the rest of the congregation to know who the Lord will give us as the next lead pastor at FPC. 


What were the qualifications to serve on the Pastoral Search Committee?

The Pastoral Search Committee is made up of 8 members. Those serving possess the following qualifications: 

  1. A member at FPC in good standing.
  2. A mature, Bible believing follower of Christ.
  3. A follower of Christ who understands that we stand within the Reformed tradition and who appreciates that we operate within the confessional standards of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).
  4. A follower of Christ that demonstrates a strong ability to analyze sermons and displays discernment of the Word of God and its application to everyday life.
  5. Has a diverse background regarding life experience and ministry/serving experience.


What is the SWOT Analysis?

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis allows us to evaluate the church’s strengths and weaknesses, the environment, the community, the opportunities and maybe even the threats to our local church. What and where should we focus as a church? What are the needs of the congregation and our community that perhaps we are neglecting? How can we fully utilize the strengths of our church? We hope to come up with a ministry plan to guide us for the next few years. It could be very similar to what we have today; we don’t think it will be radically different, but it could have some changes or a different focus as we believe God is leading.



How often will the church receive updates on these processes and the progress on the pastoral search?

The Search Committee plans to continue the schedule previously followed by the Session to give an update on the second Sunday of the month. We do want to keep you apprised of our progress as we move forward; we are committed to regular and transparent updates.


Who can I go to if I have questions, concerns, or need assistance during this time?

We would encourage you to use your shepherding elder during this time and share with them any questions, concerns, thoughts, feedback, or anything you feel the leadership of the church needs to know. If you are unsure who your shepherding elder is or feel you need additional assistance, please feel free to email the church office anytime with your questions or concerns. The office manager can then direct your request.


How can I pray for the church during this time?

We would encourage each of you to pray that the Lord will guide the selection of our next pastor. Pray for the session and Pastors Marion Clark and Jon Conant as they lead in the interim, pray for the search committee, and for the man who will be our next pastor. Pray that together we will impact the local community, the Northshore, and the world beyond under the leadership of our next pastor as we seek more people, more like Christ.





If you would like access to archived updates, please email the committee at



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